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A 60 minute massage is 
one of the best ways to relax your body and mind from the every days stressful things in our life.
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Walk-In's Always Welcome

               Body Treatments
Body Scrub Treatment    30min $40
Herbal Wrap Treatment 40min $50
Back Purification              30min $40
Legs & Feet                         30min $40
Hands & Arms                   30min $40

         Call Today or just Walk-In
​                   626-403-6666

Deep Tissue Massage    60/30min   $50/$40
Swedish Massage           60/30min   $50/$40
Aroma Theraphy            60/30min  $50/$40
Reflexology                      60/30min  $50/$40
Acupressure                     60/30min  $50/$40
Massage & table Shower   45+15min  $50
Spa Table Shower                   15min  $20
Spa Signature Massage (Oil)  60/90min  $50/$80
Hot Stone Therapy + Signature Massage                                                60/90min $80/$120


                Call Today or just Walk-In
​                          626-403-6666

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